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Evergreen Select

Our products consist of green walls, floral/succulent arrangements, and more! Every product is designed and handcrafted locally in Los Angeles. Each floral/succulents arrangement and green wall is truly one of a kind. Our arrangements and green walls are maintenance free, and customizable. Ongoing work will not be required after an easy installation process, if needed.

Features & Benefits

No Allergies

Forget about the unbearable sneezing, itching, and coughing that real plants and flowers cause

Water & Dirt Free

No leaks, spills, bugs, or flies in your setting

Pesticide Free

No harmful sprays, toxins, or insects

Fresh Look All Year Round

No extra attention or costs for trimming, replacing and cutting

Comfortable & Inviting Vibe

No sunlight or water is required to prevent plants/flowers from withering

Maintenance Free

Add value and beauty to your surroundings with a small investment